Dolmabahce & Topkapi Palace Guided Tour in Istanbul

This activity is a combo tour of Dolmabahce Palace and Topkapi Palace. Your combo pass is valid for three (3) days after usage for the first tour. You can join any tour at related times below

Dolmabahce Palace Tour Meeting Point

  • Meet the guide in front of the clock tower in Dolmabahce Palace.
  • Clock Tower is located at the entrance of Dolmabahce Palace after the security check.
  • Our guide will hold the Istanbul E-pass flag at the meeting point and time

Topkapi Palace Tour Meeting Point

  • Meet the guide in front of the Fountain of Ahmed III across the Main gate of Topkapi Palace
  • Our guide will hold the Istanbul E-pass flag at the meeting point and time.


  • Entry to the Dolmabahce Palace
  • Entry to the Topkapi Palace
  • Skip the ticket line
  • 1 hour tour with Professional English Speaking Guide for Dolmabahce Palace
  • 1 hour tour with Professional English Speaking Guide for Topkapi Palace
  • Selamlik and Harem Sections of Dolmabahce Palace


  • Harem Section in Topkapi Palace
  • Meals are not included in the package
  • Hotel transfers are not provided as part of this offer.

Delve into Istanbul's Royal Heritage:

Embark on a captivating journey through Istanbul's imperial history with our Dolmabahce Palace and Topkapı Palace Combo Tour. Begin your day at Dolmabahce Palace, a masterpiece of Ottoman and European architectural fusion. Explore its exquisite rooms, adorned with opulent furnishings and an astonishing crystal chandelier that leaves visitors in awe. Continue your adventure at Topkapı Palace, the epicenter of Ottoman rule. Traverse the grand courtyards, opulent chambers, and the enchanting Harem section. Our expert guides will narrate the tales of sultans, harems, and the historical significance of these two remarkable palaces. This comprehensive tour offers a deep dive into Istanbul's royal past, making it a must for history enthusiasts and culture lovers. Reserve your space today for a journey that bridges the past and the present.

There is no strict order or sequence to follow. You have the flexibility to visit the palaces in any order that suits your preferences and schedule. Please don’t forget that this ticket is valid for 3 days after your first usage.

There is no specific age limit. Children of all ages are welcome to explore the palaces with a combo ticket. Please ensure children are supervised during the visit for their safety and enjoyment.

Both palaces are conveniently located in Istanbul, and you can reach them easily by public transportation. Various options, such as buses, trams, and taxis, provide convenient access.

There is no strict limit to the number of combo tickets you can purchase in a single transaction. If you're planning to buy a large number of combo tickets for a group or special event, please contact us, or you can fill out the form on our website in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient booking process.

A visit to both Dolmabahce and Topkapi Palaces typically takes around 4 to 5 hours, but the duration may vary based on your interests and pace. Dolmabahce Palace alone can be explored in about 2 to 2.5 hours, while a visit to Topkapi Palace may take an additional 2 to 2.5 hours. Please consider these estimates to plan your visit accordingly.

We offer competitive pricing for our combo tickets, and they are designed to provide great value. Keep an eye out for any special promotions or discounts that may be available during your visit.

Dolmabahce and Topkapi Palaces are conveniently located near each other, making it easy to explore both in one day. It's approximately a 5-7 minute walk away.

Certainly! The combo ticket for Dolmabahce and Topkapı Palace allows you to skip the ticket lines, but you'll still need to go through security check lines for safety and enjoyment.

Customers holding the Dolmabahce and Topkapı Palace combo tickets have a validity period of 3 consecutive days to visit both attractions. Please be sure to explore both palaces within this timeframe, as your tickets will expire after the 3-day period. Please remember that the first use of any of the tickets will commence their validity period.

We recommend purchasing your combo tickets for Dolmabahce and Topkapi Palaces in advance, although same-day purchases are available on our website. Buying your tickets ahead of time ensures a hassle-free experience and helps you avoid potential queues, especially during high seasons. It's a convenient way to plan your visit and make the most of your time exploring these magnificent palaces.